The Greatest Revelatory Discovery of Christianity in 1984 Years
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The New Maasai Warriors

For three millennia they were known as the fiercest warriors ever, Maasai are now to take their place in battlefield for the Kingdom on earth. Redeemed by Jesus, inspired by the Word and empowered by the Holy Spirit, these New Maasai Warriors will fearlessly profess Jesus while attacking the strongholds of Satan.

The number of Maasai in Eastern Africa is estimated to be approximately 1 million people. They have resided mostly in remote bush country, adamantly closed to outsiders. But now, their recent embrace of God will profoundly affect all of Africa and initiate restoration throughout the world.

How could a group of people, who are considered be the most primitive society in the world, effect a worldwide spiritual restoration? Presented here is a brief summary of the greatest revelatory discovery of Christianity in 1984 years.

NOTE: Present Year 2017 less 33 (year of death & resurrection of Jesus) = 1984.

If a group of people this large from any place, came into the Kingdom it would be awesomely wonderful. However curiously, I found Maasai follow the Laws of Moses - no graven images, no pork, circumcision etc. Once adopted into the Tribe, elders told me they crossed a great sea with man named Moses, kept the cattle and fought many battles. Research revealed the word "Maasai" in the Arabic Torah refers to wilderness journey...

Maasai chose to resided in the isolation of remote bush country for 2,600 years. These ferocious undefeated warriors were avoided by the surrounding world including Nazi Germany. Nevertheless in next decade, their embrace of God will now profoundly affect all of Africa and initiate revival worldwide as the harbinger of "Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth..."

So what is the justification for such an astonishing claim?

In the simplest of terms, at a gathering of Maasai in Nairobi,Kenya in April 2010 their ancient secret was revealed for the first time - Maasai are descendants of Manasseh, the 13th Tribe of Israel, and foremost they now profess Jesus Christ as the Messiah! God gave revelation knowledge to his chosen leaders. So in this time, the world can benefit from the restored relationship between an intact Tribe of Israel (Manasseh the first born of Joseph in Egypt) and the almighty creator, Elohim.

Given this proclamation as facts, then inarguably this is the greatest revelatory discovery in Christianity since the ministry of Jesus and the fulfillment of the indwelling Holy Spirit (1984 years ago). Meditate upon the implications of that for a while.

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