Proposed Maasai Mission Center

Proposed by Cherith Brook Foundation

Conceptual Design

The proposed Maasai Mission Center (MMC) is a humanitarian/evangelistic endeavor to aid the Maasai Tribe of Kenya, who are known to be the most primitive people in the world. MMC is specifically addressing matters of spiritual, educational, economic and health. This will involve the formation of one or more non-governmental organizations (NGO) with financing through an endowment by the Cherith Brook Foundation.

CBPI is to study the initial design and substantially provide more definition and refine the cost estimates. Later it may become involved in an oversight role.

The project is to be built on about 640 acres (1 sq. mile of land). The construction is to be completed in a period of 36 months, beginning in 2017.

MMC is to include Christian Ministry Center, College, Vocational Center, Schools, Orphanage, Agricultural Development, Medical Research Center, Museum, Game Reserve and more.

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