One of the Great Revelations in 2000 Years of Christianity

"One of the Great Revelations in 2000 Years of Christianity" sounds like an over the top statement. Nevertheless, there is justice in this bold claim. Please reserve judgment until you heard the story of the Maasai Mission, and then prayerfully ask for discernment, you may find yourself over whelmed by the world changing potential of this assertion.

The ancient history of the Maasai is absolutely a pre-requisite in comprehending how God prepared them for their mission. This is both complicated and validated by their illiteracy, in that the Maasai have a unique audible language with no written counterpart. Thus, the tribal elders have held the solemn duty to preserve their history and their ancient secret.

Therefore, this author tells the story of the Maasai Mission as he has learned from more a decade of relationship with members of the Tribe. Timely revelation knowledge, a gift of the Spirit, broke through appropriately to leaders to reveal the secret of the Maasai.

Scribed by Leonard Heatherly
Prophet to Maasai
The Maasai Way